If you are new to Karify, use the following steps to guide you through the different sections of the Karify platform.


Do you have a Karify account?

Don’t have a Karify account yet? Please read the article about setting up an account for Karify.


Go to https://yourorganisation.karify.com and log in using your username and password.


For general functions and navigation, use the navigation bar. The number and type of features differ for every user and Healthspace. The following graphic shows the most common features:


The three navigation buttons on the top right relate to your personal settings.



Clicking the arrow allows you to navigate between different Healthspaces that you are a member of - for example, different healthcare departments.


Your profile picture displays on the top right of your Dashboard. Click on the picture and click My account.

Click Edit account.

Through different tabs you can configure various preference settings. Try out a few settings, like uploading a new profile picture, changing your email address and password, or choosing a language.

Through the buttons in the navigation bar you can navigate to different parts of the Healthspace. You can set up this menu bar differently for every Healthspace.


The Dashboard is your starting point. When accessing the dashboard, you can see new messages.



The owner or administrator of the Healthspace manages the Library. Clients in the Healthspace can find information in the Library such as documents, instructional videos, and links to other websites. You can also organize your items by categories that you create yourself.



Through Messages you can send and receive secured messages patients and clinicians within the Healthspace (provided that you are connected to them).



In some Healthspaces patients can request an e-consult. With this button you can see and answer the e-consult or forward it to another clinician.



Through this button you can see the patients that you are connected to. Clicking this button allows you to navigate to a patient’s record, see their shared files and assignments, or see any pending tasks.



This button is only visible to the owner, administrator, or assistant of the Healthspace. With the Admin button you can invite patients and staff to the Healthspace and configure the settings of that Healthspace.

Setting up the Healthspace

Do you want to know more about setting up the Healthspace? Please read the article Healthspace Settings or contact us at support@karify.com.