In Karify you have multiple virtual environments - your own environment (MyKarify) and one or more Healthspaces. What is the difference between these environments?

1. Your own environment: MyKarify

At the top level, you have your own page within the MyKarify domain (

You can recognize this environment by the internet address and the Karify logo at the top left. This area is independent from the Healthspaces where you are a member. In MyKarify you can manage your own settings and upload a new profile picture, set up a preference language, and manage your personal information.


2. The Healthspace You can be a member of one or multiple Healthspaces. Go to your Healthspace by clicking Healthspaces.

When you are in the Healthspace, you are in a separate environment from your personal Karify account. Your domain ( lets patients log into your practice for secure digital communication and to receive tailored blended treatment programs.