E-Consult: An e-consult is an online question or request from a patient to a clinician.

Healthspace: The Healthspace is the online portal that lets patients log into your practice for secure digital communication and to receive tailored blended treatment programs.

Package: A package is an online treatment module consisting of multiple parts and assignments that you can schedule in a patient’s planner. You can also plan Assignments individually.

Planner: By clicking on the name of a patient, you can navigate into his or her file. There you can choose to schedule a treatment package for your patient. Simply click on the + sign to schedule packages or individual assignments.

My Karify: My Karify is an online personal page within Karify, independent from the Healthspace. You can find My Karify by the URL and by the Karify logo at the top left of your window. In My Karify you can configure your account settings - upload your profile picture from your computer, choose your language, or edit your public account. Also, you can manage your Healthspaces or create a new Healthspace.

Notifications: You can notify yourself of any changes with patients, assignments, or messages through automatic notifications to your email address. You can choose which notifications to receive by navigating to your account. To navigate to your account, click on your profile picture -> My account -> Notifications. By default, all notifications are active but you can switch them on and off individually. Patients have a similar function in their account settings. They can, for example, choose to receive notifications of new messages or a newly scheduled treatment assignment.


  • The dashboard in My Karify shows which Healthspaces you are a member of.

  • The dashboard within your Healthspace is the starting point for this Healthspace. 
    New messages are shown on the dashboard and from here you can navigate through your Healthspace.