Users with an administrator or assistant role in Karify can unsubscribe members from the Healthspace.

  • Click Admin in the navigation bar.


  • In the left menu, click Clients or Staff members.

  • Navigate to the Active members tab.

  • Check the box on the left side of the user.

  • Click Actions > Unsubscribe.

The user receives an email notifying them that their membership has been deactivated. Users can still log into their Karify account to view their completed assignments or to become a member to another Healthspace.

Reactivate a member

You can reactivate the membership of an unsubscribed user by navigating to the Unsubscribed tab.

  • Click Admin.


  • In the left menu, select Clients or Staff members.

  • Click on the Unsubscribed tab.

  • Select the user you want to activate

Click Actions > Subscribe.