Note: We will stop providing the Healthstream function. Read what this means in this article.

You decide who is able to see your Healthstream. You do this by inviting someone, or giving someone permission to see your Healthstream.

When you start using Karify you can make a choice to be followable or not. You have two options:

  1. Users can not find you automatically. They can only follow your Healthstream by your invitation. Users can not search for your name in Karify.

  2. Other Karify users are able to find you and ask for permission to follow your Healthstream.

Manage your findability

To set this up, you navigate to your Karify account by clicking on your profile picture in the top right of the window. 

Click Healthstream settings in the left menu 

If you want other users to be able to send you a request or invitation, you can make yourself findable by sliding the slide button to the right. You can always set this back to unfindable by sliding the button to the left. 

Invite someone for the Healthstream

You can provide other Karify users, like your clinician, access to your Healthstream by clicking on Healthstream: 

  • In the left menu, select Contacts.

  • Click on Add a Karify user to your contacts

Would you like to invite your partner, parent or someone else who is close to you, to follow your Healthstream? You can do this as follows:

  • Click on Contacts in the Healthstream menu

  • Click on the button Invite someone to use Karify

  • A message is sent to this person to create a Karify account and to follow you on your Healthstream.