You can add items to the Healthspace library that are available to members of the Healthspace. You can also add categories and add items to a category itself. How do I compose the library? [Is composing the library the same as adding items to the library?]

  1. Navigate to the Healthspace where you want to compose the library.

  2. Click the Library button in the navigation bar.


  1. Choose the type of item that you want to add and select this type from the dropdown menu.

  2. Fill in the requested information, such as name, description, and category. If you want to add an item from your computer, you can upload it.

  3. Click Create. The item is now visible to members of your Healtspace.



You can place items in the library into categories. For example, you can set up a category for ADHD, one for depression, and one for autism. This way your members can easily find the information that interests them. You can also assign your items to a category in the library.


It’s possible to add a thumbnail to an item. This is an image that you can upload directly from your computer. This is one way that you can create the style for your library or provide a visual aid that supports the content.

Maximum size of a video

The maximum size of a video in the Library is 50 MB.