An e-consult is a online question or request from a client to the healthcare professional. For example, some general practitionars use it for e-consults and some healthcare centers use it for (repeated) prescription requests. This functionality can be set up and personalized per Healthspace. 

Set up the e-consult
Staff members with an Administrator role can enable and disable the e-consult functionality in the Healthspace. You can do this as follows: 

  • Click in the left menu on Admin Settings => Settings.

  • Navigate to the Features tab. Here you can set up the e-consult as a default app. Clients will see the button below at the top left of the menu under their Workspace.

  • Under Settings => Features => Options you can adjust the explanation that is shown when the client requests an e-consult.  

An example of an e-consult from the client's perspective:

Who will receive the e-consult messages? 

When clients submit an e-consult, all staff members with the Assistant role will receive a notification. Assistants can find the submitted questions under E-consults in the left menu. The assistant can then answer the question directly or forward it to the relevant contact person.