Over time more apps are developed and available in Karify, such as chat, videocalls, and a Therapy Designer.

Karify offers free and paid KarifyApps. You can select different providers of apps and use these in your Healthspace.

Online treatment packages Karify offers different modules for the POH-GGZ, GB-GGZ and S-GGZ. Packages developed by Karify are free. Furthermore, external providers like publishers offer content through Karify. Go to the KarifyStore to take a look at all treatment packages.

Karify Store The KarifyStore offers free and paid content and KarifyApps. This setup offers other providers/healthcare organisations the possibility to offer their services through Karify. The providers of the KarifyApp or Module set their own price and can manage it themselves. This allows more customers get access to other software or treatment modules. The KarifyStore takes care of the distribution and payment of the KarifyApps (features) and Treatment packages (content).