Are emails from Karify, such as notifications, activation links or login codes not coming through to your mailbox? There are multiple causes and explanations for this. This article explains how to make sure you receive automatic mails from Karify properly.


Have you tried refreshing your inbox? Keep in mind that sometimes it might take a while for an email to come in.

Mail box

Are you checking the right inbox? Mails from Karify are always send to the email address that you used to create your Karify account.


Have you checked your spambox? Unfortunately sometimes mails from Karify are intercepted by spam filters. To make sure you correctly receive Karify mails in the future, you can add Karify to your contacts and/or mark Karify mails as safe. How to do this differs per email provider. Below is a short explanation on how to do this for Outlook and Gmail. Karify can not guarantee the correctness of these instructions, because these settings are managed by the mail clients themselves. For more information about your mailclient settings, please consult their support pages. 


  • In Mail, click the Junk /Spam folder
  • In the message list, click any message that you want to mark as not junk.
  • On the Home tab, in the Delete group, click Not Junk.


If Gmail has placed the Karify mail in your spam folder, you can move it to your inbox:

  • Go to your Spambox
  • Select the mail you want to move by clicking the checkbox
  • Click on the menu and select Not spam

If you can’t find any Karify mail in your Spam folder either, you can add Karify to your Google contacts.  

  • Go to Google Contacts
  • In the bottom right, click Add
  • Enter the contact's information and click Save

I still haven’t received the log in code

Possibly you have set up for the code to be send to your mobile phone. Check if you have correctly entered your phone number in your Karify profile:

  • Go to and enter your username and password.
  • Click on your name in the top right of the screen
  • Under My Profiles, click on the logo/name of your healthcare organization.
  • Check if the phone number you see here is correct. If it’s not, click Edit profile and edit the phone num