After you’ve made an appointment with your patient to have a video call, follow the steps below to start the call:

  1. Log into your Karify Healthspace

  2. Go to the personal health record of your patient (you have to start the call, it is not possible for the patient to do this).

  3. Click the VIDEO CONVERSATION’ at the top right.

  1. A screen pops-up with an explanation and a button for extra instructions. Click START to begin the Video call. Your patient will receive a notification by e-mail.


Window 1

When you open the Video call, check your position in relation to the camera. The green bar underneath the picture checks if your sound is working.


Window 2

Click NEXT to see the status of your patient:

'[Name] is offline' means your patient has not opened the conversation yet.

'[Name] is online' means your patient has opened the call and is reading the instructions.

If after one minute your patient is still offline, you can send an SMS as a reminder to login and accept your Video call.

Window 3

Do you see your patient? The conversation can start!


Ending the Video call

Both you and your patient can end the call by clicking end call at the bottom right.