Within Karify it’s very easy to make a secure video call with your patient.

Before starting your call we advise that you check two things on your computer or tablet:


  1. Is your browser supported and up-to-date?

  2. Is your device suitable?      


1. Supported browsers

The following browsers are supported.  Make sure your browser is up-to-date by downloading the latest version.



2. Suitable devices

You need your tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop device to have the following:

  • An Internet connection

  • A (built-in) camera    

  • A (built-in) microphone

  • Speakers or a set of plugged-in headphones (make sure your sound is turned on!)


Note: iOS (iPad & iPhone) does not yet support the technology used to make video calls (WebRTC) so video calls do not work on these devices. Windows and Android based devices are supported.