Karify allows you to give feedback about the assigments patients have submitted. Sometimes you see a notification that feedback is required. How does this work exactly?

Some assignments in Karify have been set up to require feedback from a clinician. Whenever an assignment has been completed by the patient, you get a notification that feedback is required.

The treatment overview is found by navigating to the patient record.

  • Click the Clients button in the navigation bar.

  • Navigate to the patient record by clicking Clients.


  • Click the name of the patient that you want to plan an assingment or treatment program for.

  • You are now in the patient record. The patient record contains the treatment overview. 

The chat balloon indicates this assignment requires feedback by the clinician. There are three chat-icons status options:

1 - White: The assignment has not (yet) been submitted by the patient.

2 - Blue: The assignment has been submitted, time to give feedback!

3 - Grey: Feedback has been given by the clinician.