Users with an administrator or assistant role in Karify can cancel the Healthspace membership for clients and staff members. This article describes the steps to cancel and restore a membership. 

Cancel membership 

  • Click Admin settings in the navigation bar.

  • Click on Clients or Staff members.

  • Navigate to the Active members tab.

  • Check the box on the left side of the user.

  • Click Actions > Cancel membership.

The user receives an email notifying them that their membership has been deactivated. Users can still log into their Karify account to view their completed assignments or to become a member to another Healthspace. 

Restore a membership

You can restore the membership of an user who has cancelled the membership from the Healthspace by navigating to the Cancelled memberships tab.

  • Select the box on the left side of the user.

  • Click Actions > Restore membership.