Cancel account or membership

As a healthcare provider, your Karify account is managed by your Organization.

Below is an explanation of how your Karify account or access to a Healthspace can be deactivated. Consult with the contact persons within your Organization whether and when you should do this.

Cancel membership of Healthspace

If you cancel your membership with a Healthspace, you will no longer have access to this online treatment environment. Connections with any clients are automatically broken; they will receive a notification email with the information that you are no longer available in the Health space. 

  • Go to My account
  • Click on Memberships
  • Click on the tile of the Health space to which one you no longer need to have access
  • Click Cancel Membership

Deactivate account

If you deactivate your account, access to all your Health spaces will automatically be canceled. As well as all of the connections with clients in these environments. Your clients will receive a notification that you are no longer available.

You can no longer log in after deactivating your Karify account.

Your Karify account is not automatically deleted.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you have signed a contract with Karify as a practice owner and you want to cancel your subscription, please contact

Your subscription will not be automatically terminated if you deactivate your account.

I accidentally deactivated my account

If you have deactivated your account as a healthcare provider and you want to reactivate it, please contact your Karify contact person within your Organization. Don't you know who that is? Send us a message at

How can my client cancel the Karify account?

Clients have the option to cancel their membership, deactivate their account or have their account deleted. You can find more information on the clients help page how they can do this.