When you use the app for the first time, you will be asked to set up a login code. When you've chosen your code, this will be saved for the next time you log in.

Please note that you need a Karify account to use the Karify app. If you do not already have a Karify account, please read this article

Step 1: Fill in your email address and password

Step 2: Choose a login code consisting of 4 numbers

Step 3: Fill in the login code again to confirm

Log in with fingerprint 

Some telephones support the use of your fingerprint to unlock your phone and certain apps. 

If your phone supports the use of fingerprint unlocking, you can choose to use this to unlock your Karify app. You can set this up the first time you log in, or later in your account settings. You can also disable the use of fingerprint unlocking at any time.

Please keep in mind that if you enable fingerprint unlocking in your Karify app, that the app can be unlocked all users that have set up their fingerprint in your telephone.