In the Karify app you can manage several settings.


You can set or change the app notifications in the settings of your phone or tablet. Visit for more information the help page notifications on your phone or tablet.

Edit account 

In the app, you can change your name and date of birth. 

Tap on Account at the bottom right and tap Edit account to change it.


Edit your pincode

You can change the pincode that you use to log in. 

To set up a new pincode, tap Account and tap Log out. You can then enter a new code after you have logged in.

Please note that the pincode of your Karify app is a different pincode that you use to unlock your phone. The pincode to unlock your phone can be changed in your phone settings. 


Unlock with fingerprint

Some phones support the use of fingerprint to unlock the Karify app.

If you enable this in your Karify app, you can use your fingerprint the next time you log in to the app.

Please note that the use of fingerprint in Karify is independent from the general settings for unlocking your phone. General settings to unlock your phone can be changed in your phone settings. 

Please also note that other users can access your Karify app if you have enabled them to use their fingerprint on your phone. 

Ask our helpdesk

Ask a question to our helpdesk directly from the app. The response to your question will be sent to your mail (not your Karify messaging app). 


Find the answer to your questions in the help articles. 

Privacy and licences

Here you are forwarded to our web page about privacy and security.