With your Karify account you can become member of one or more Healthspaces (online treatment environments). This can be for example different departments within a healthcare institution. You can thus work in more than one Healthspace. 

What can I do in a Healthspace?

The Healthspace is the online 'treatment environment' of your practice or institution. Here you can communicate safely with clients and colleagues. You can also view the online records of your clients and guide them in their online treatment

How do I know in which Healthspace I am?

Healthspaces differ in looks and contents. You can recognize the Healthspace by the logo of your healthcare provider. The web page (URL) is also a good indication, for instance: https://psychologypractice.karify.com.

My Healthspaces 

You navigate to the correct Healthspace with the down arrow on top of the left menu or via the button My Healthspaces in the left menu. Here you will find an overview of all your Healthspace memberships.