In Karify you can communicate safely with your clients and colleagues. Read here about the different ways in which you can communicate in Karify with your contacts. 

  1. Messages. You can exchange messages with one or several contacts within the Healthspace. Your contacts are colleagues or clients with whom you have a connection in the Healthspace. When drafting a new message in Karify, your contacts will appear in the addressee bar. It is also possible to attach an attachment to your message. Click here for more information on how to send a message in Karify.
  2. Video calling. In Karify you have the option to video call with your clients. This makes it possible to speak to each other at a distance. Only you can start a video call, your clients cannot. Read more about video calling here.
  3. Give feedback on assignments. In Karify you can schedule online assignments for your clients. You can provide these assignments with feedback, even before your client submits the assignment. Your client can respond to this feedback in return. Read more about feedback here


I cannot find an addressee. 

If you cannot find your addressee in Karify, then you might not have a connection with that client. First make a connection with the client, so you can write to him/her. Read here how to make a connection in Karify. 

Karify Pro app

Karify also has a mobile app, in which you can easily communicate with your clients and colleagues. In this app you can exchange secured messages and/or video call. Messages in the mobile app and the web application synchronize automatically, so that you can see the same messages everywhere. 

We are currently working hard on bringing the other functionalities of Karify - such as viewing client records and scheduling online treatments - into the app. In the future the app will thus provide even more opportunities. 

On which devices does the app work? 

The Karify app is supported by mobile phones with Android 5 (Lollipop) or newer and by the iOS 10 and newer. The app is also usable on the iPad and other tablets. 


Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the Karify app. 

Karify app Play

Karify app store

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