You can choose to receive notifications in your e-mail whenever activity takes place in your online environment to stay up to date on any activities in the Healthspace.

Edit your notifications

To edit your personal notifications, navigate to the settings of your personal account. Click on your profile picture in the top right of your page.


Click Notifications.


Enable of disable your personal notifications by moving the sliders left or right.

Which subjects can I be notified about?

Depending on your role in Karify, you receive different types of notifications. The role-based notification types are described here for each role.


  • New message received

  • Record item shared with you

  • New connection made with you

  • Connection with you removed

  • Feedback given on an assignment

  • Assignment handed in by a patient


  • New message received

  • Registration completed

  • New e-consult request

  • New membership request

  • Membership deactivated

Owner and Administrator

  • New message received

If there are more activities you want to be notified about, please let us know!

Language settings notifications

The language of your email notifications are based on a combination of the language settings of your Karify account and the Healthspace(s) that you are a member of.

If you want to receive the email notifications in a specific language, you can edit your language preferences through My account -> Edit account -> Preferred language.