As an administrator or assistent you are allowed to invite clients and staff members and make connections. Click Admin and then Tasks to see easily if there any new clients who still need a connection with a staff member.

Membership requests of clients or new members appear as tasks in the Tasks screen. Assistents and administrators of a Healthspace are reminded to approve or disapprove a request ('Ms. X wants to be a member of this Healthspace') or to get a connection. Per Healthspace tasks can be enabled or disabled by means of the settings. 

You can find the administrative function through the Admin button. By the appearing red dot you can easily see the amount of new tasks. 

The red dots also appear in the left menu and at the tabs, so you can see easily where a task is waiting for you. Important to know is that a task disappears from everyones list when an assistent or administrator completes this task. A task also disappears when a connection has been made for a particular client or staff member through another way. 

It is possible to ignore a task. The task will disappear from your to do list subsequently.

The option to make connections is situated under the Active members tab. You can manage connections both for clients and staff members. 

At Settings you can enable or disable the type of your tasks.