With the Assistant or Owner role in Karify, you can invite clients and staff members to become a member of the Healthspace. This article explains how to invite staff members to a Healthspace.


Click on the Admin button in the navigation bar.

You are now in the Healthspace admin. 

  • Click on Send invitation

  • Click on Invite a staff member

Fill in the required information. The email address of the user is used to send the invitation. 

Select which roles the staff member needs to have in Karify. The role determines what the staff member is allowed to do in Karify. Please read this article about roles in Karify.  


The staff member receives an email invitation to join the Healthspace after the invitation is sent. 

An overview of all sent invitations is presented in the tab Open invitations. If necessary, you can withdraw an open invitation, or you can send a manual reminder. Karify will send an reminder automatically after 3 and 7 days.