How and why can I make staff members (in)visible to patients?

On the login page of your Healthspace, the names and profile picture of staff members can be made visible. Patients will be able to see the name of the visible staff member before the have logged into Karify or made an account. Patients with an account will also be able to send a message to the ‘visible’ staff members, without having a connection with them. Therefore, you might want to consider if you want an staff member to be contactable for all patients, or just for the ones they have a connection with. 

You can easily change the visibility of the staff members in the Healthspace (required role: assistant):

  • Click Admin in the navigation bar in the Healthspace.

  • You will find an overview of all staff members in this healthspace under the tab Staff members => Active members

  • Click on the name of the staff member for whom you want to edit the visibility. On the screen you will see all possible roles you can turn on or off for this member. 

  • The last option is called Visible to clients. (Un)check the checkbox to edit the visibility.