As a Healthspace administrator, you can apply the personal style of your practice to the look and feel of your Healthspace. This article describes the settings of your Healthspace.

You can find the settings for your Healthspace by clicking Admin.


Click Settings to open the Settings tabs, which are described here.

2.1 General

Use this tab to edit the general settings of your Healthspace:

  • Name
    In this field you can enter your Healthspace name. This name will be shown on your Healthspace. You cannot edit the URL of the website.

  • Description
    The description appears on the login page of your Healthspace. The description is visible to both members and non-members.

  • Treatments
    You can show your treatment offer on the login page of your Healthspace. Karify users can read about your treatments and contact you.

  • Subscription type
    There are three ways that a patient can subscribe to the Healthspace:

  • Patients may subscribe themselves. The owner of the Healthspace does not need to give access.

  • Patients may request subscription. The patient needs permission from you to become a member of the Healthspace.

  • Invitation only -  patients cannot subscribe on their own. Patients can only become a member by invitation of the Healthspace owner.

2.2 Appearance

Click Admin and to go to Settings > Appearance.


Use this tab to edit the following appearance features of your Healthspace:

The logo of your healthcare organisation

The logo of your healthcare organisation appears in the top left of the window. You can upload or change the image by clicking Choose file within the Appearance tab. You can then upload an image from your computer.

Background image

With a background image, you can personalize your Healthspace to identify it from other Healthspaces. In this way you can create an identity for your Healthspace.

Click Choose file below Background image. Now you can upload an image or photo from your computer.

2.3 Features

Click Settings > Features.


Some features are automatically installed for you in the Healthspace. Within the Features tab, you can choose which features to apply by clicking either Enable or Disable.

Features that can be enabled or disabled by members are listed under Optional features.

Would you like to request a feature? Please contact us through

2.4 Required user data

You can choose which personal information to request from your patients or staff members. When a user becomes a member of your Healthspace, they are required to fill in this information.

2.5 Address

Within this tab you can edit the visitor’s address of your Healthspace. This address is shown on the login page of your Healthspace. If no address is given, the address of the organisation of the Healthspace is shown.


2.6 Opening hours

Here you can set up the opening hours that are shown on the login page of your Healthspace. You can also choose not to show the opening hours.

2.7 Export

Here you can download the data management information of this Healthspace.

Attention: With this button you download personal data. You are responsible for keeping this information private.